Lazar Jovic (Lucky)

Hello mango friends, my name is teacher Lucky.
I’m 22 years old and I’m a bachelor of organizational sciences of te ”University of Belgrade”.

When it comes to my teaching experience, I have been working as an online teacher for various companies for the previous two years.

The reason I chose teaching English for my career could be described in one word: LOVE!

Love is what drives me and motivates me to do this job as resposnibly as possible. I love teaching,

I love kids, and I love to love.
Mango friends, I can’t wait to see you soon in our journey!

Luka Arsic (Luke)

Hello mango friends, nice to meet you!
My name is teacher Luke. I come from a family of university professors of English language so it’s pretty obvious why I choose to teach English online,

It’s sort of like a legacy. When it comes to my teaching methods, I tend to use tratditional methods with a modern twist.

This means we will be learning a lot, but also having a great time together while doing so!

I simply can’t wait to see you in one of my classes, see you soon, dear mango friends.

Marija Radovic (Mary)

Hello, hello, hello!

My name is teacher Mary and I would like to welcome you to “Mango” on behalf of everyone here!

Let me introduce myself briefly! I’ve recently graduated from the faculty of organizational sciences of the ”University of Belgrade”.

However, I’m a trained and certified English teacher.
I simply adore working with kids, or as I like to call them ”Little humans”.

My love towards children has motivated me to choose ”Mango” as a career choice. Here, I will do what I love, and that’s the most important thing when it comes to your career choice. Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.

Milan Stambolic (Chucky S)

Hello mango friends!

Let me introduce myself, My name is teacher Chucky S.

I’m 22 years old and I’m simply in love with sharing my knowledge with others. I’m a bachelor of law from the university of Nis.

However, my carreer choice gravitated towards teaching. Let me explain, I’ve spent nine of twelve months of the year 2018 in Shanghai, China where i perfected my trait as a teacher.

I was working in a Language center called ”baby top international English”.

My philosophy is to do what you love, therefore, here I am.

See you soon in our lessions, dear mango friends.

Milos Stefanovski (Mike)

Hi, everyone!

My name is teacher Mike, and I’m extremely excited to be here!

I come from a small city in Europe, but I’m not going toreveal too much about me here, you’ll have to get to know me better if you’re curious about that. 😉

I’m a bacherlor of Economy with years of on-line English teaching experience behind me.

My drive and passion led me to ”Mango”, they’re one of the best online schools out there and I’m so happy to be a part of the winning team.

Together, we will only win, one step at a time, see you soon!

Nina Milenkovic (Nina)

Hello, dear Mango friends! Nice to meet you!

My name is teacher Nina.

I am 24 years old and I graduated from psychology at the University of Nis, even though I am a psychologist I am also trained and certified English teacher.

I have been an online ESL teacher for two years and I can freely say that I don’t look at teaching like my job anymore. It became the part of my life that I enjoy the most.

When it comes to my teaching methods, I tend to make my classes active and a place where everyone is making progress and enjoy the process of learning.

I can say that I am energetic, patient and dedicated.

Be sure that our classes will be fun and exciting! See you soon!

Nemanja Vojinovic (Nate)

Oh, hello there!

It’s good to meet you, let me tell you something about myself before we start with our jorney towards knowledge.

My name is teacher Nate, short for Nathan.

So here’s something really cool about me, I’m a scientist that teaches English. It may sound crazy, but I am in love with studying, therefore, I love sharing what I’ve learned with others even more!

With me, you will learn, laugh, learn some more, then laugh some more.

Who said that scientists don’t have a good sense of humour?

Well, everyone, but my friends say that I’m an exception.

If you’re looking for a friend and a good teacher, then look no further! Looking forward to meeting you soon!